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A Palestinian and an Israeli flag. Image: Yellowblood/Wikicommons (Public Domain) A Palestinian and an Israeli flag. Image: Yellowblood/Wikicommons (Public Domain, Quelle: https://commons.wikimedia.org/wiki/File:Israel_Palestine_Flag.png)

When negotiations are at a dead end: In recent weeks, Alsharq published a series of articles regarding the Israeli-Palestinian conflict and suggesting new approaches towards it. Especially the European Union has various measures at hand. Find all articles here ready for download in one dossier.

With no negotiated settlement for the Israeli-Palestinian conflict in sight, international players must consider alternative strategies and instruments to ensure the fundamental rights of both Israelis and Palestinians and end Israel’s occupation of Palestinian territories. In this series of articles, authors from Israel and Europe argue that Europe can and should play a key role. They take a closer look at a variety of approaches and instruments beyond traditional diplomacy to reach the goals of ending occupation and Israeli-Palestinian peace, and analyse how these measures could be made more effective.

In particular, they shed light on differentiation policies, dialogue fora, incentives, and punitive measures. One article tackles the question how Israeli public and decision-makers are likely to be affected by such measures based on recent polling. 

Download the Dossier here (PDF)
You can also read all articles online following this link



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